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Interested in seeing what WSLC is all about? We've saved a seat for you! Check us out in person, at the Utah State Capitol, or send us an email and we'll send you the Zoom link for our next upcoming event

Individual Membership

Ready to join? We would love to have you! Download this PDF file, fill it out, then email it back to us at!

But I'm a man. Can I join WSLC? Yes! We have a couple men who are Individual Members and attend our meetings and events.

Organizational Delegate

Each Organization can sponsor up to three Organizational Delegates! See Organization Membership for more info or contact us!

Organization Membership

Are you a business looking to support women (and awesome legislation) throughout Utah? We so appreciate our partner organizations and would love to include you in our list!

To get started, download this PDF file, fill it out, then email it back to us at!

What Our Members Say


Kari Malkovich

WSLC 1st Vice Chair, City of Woodland Hills Council Person
"In WSLC General Meetings, we get to have both sides of the issues present - both the bill's sponsor and another legislator or expert that has issues with the bill. Sometimes it's these legislators first times hearing the opposition and they make changes to their bills right there. You can see important changes right in front of you."
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