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The Women's State Legislative Council of Utah was organized in 1920 after the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which gave every woman the right to vote. Its purpose then, as now, is to investigate and study state and national issues with a goal of bringing about legislation beneficial to the State of Utah.


94 years of service to the citizens of Utah

Judiciary Study Committee

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Next Meeting: December 3, 2014, Holiday Luncheon

Bulletin, March 19, 2014
Committee Wrap-ups 2014

Kari Malkovich

President's Welcome Letter


Weekly meetings on Wednesdays will start on January 21, 2015. Watch our calendar for announcements of interim meetings in the fall.

During the legislative session, January through mid-March, Wednesday meetings at the state Capitol feature presentations from Utah legislators as well as lobbyists advocating or opposing current legislation. The meetings are open to all listeners, and we invite you to join WSLC and become an active participant.

Getting there.    Parking is available in the Capitol Visitor's Parking lot located on the east end of the Capitol and State Office Building. Parking is also allowed around the perimeter of the Capitol along the streets.

You can also ride bus no. 500 to the capitol. Bus 500 is free and will run every 15 minutes from the intermodal hub to 400 South, east along 400 South to State Street, north to North Temple to Main Street to the Capitol. Click here to see a map.

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